Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Dark blonde
Occupation Former employee at Outdoor Adventure World
Behind the scenes
First "Into the Mild"
Voiced by Rob Riggle

Austin worked as an employee at the now closed down Outdoor Adventure World store in Bog Harbor in "Into the Mild". He is first seen assisting Bob with browsing the store's selection of marked down items ahead of the upcoming closure.

Later, after Bob gets trapped in the store after hiding from him, it is revealed that he is living there as he sacrificed a month's rent to pay for an Appalachian Trail trip he told Bob about previously. He tries to assist Bob in escaping by activating the burglar alarm which is immediately shut off by a security guard thinking that it's a false alarm as there are no signs of a break-in.

Austin then suggests that they climb up to the skylight so Bob could break the glass then get down via the fire escape. This fails when the knots Austin ties slip due to his inexperience with climbing, reiterating that he has only demoed the store's items rather than used them. This leaves him dangling upside down.

He soon reveals that like Bob he isn't an outdoorsman, only having dreams of being one and that he planned the trip because Lisa from the cycling department was going there who he is attracted to.

After Bob escapes and Austin is rescued, he and Bob make plans to go shopping together next weekend.

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