Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student at Wagstaff School
Behind the scenes
First "The Hormone-iums"
Voiced by Samantha Shelton

Angela is a student at Wagstaff School who is a soloist in the Hormone-iums vocal group. During a lunchtime performance in the Wagstaff School cafeteria she becomes unwell with Infectious mononucleosis and this influences Mr. Frond to create a musical about the "dangers" of the disease. Tina takes her place as soloist while she is recovering.


  • Her appearance is identical to Dottie Minerva's except for the colors of her clothes and hair, Samantha Shelton was originally listed as playing Dottie Minerva in "The Hormone-iums" on Fox's press release.[1] The character's name and appearance were likely changed late on in production.


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