Amity with Tina, Gene, and Louise

Amity is an albino polar bear cub that resides at the Bog Harbor Zoo. His birth is reported on Channel 6 News in "The Last Gingerbread House on the Left," as a heart-warming Christmas story, being described as a "Christmas Bear-icle" by Olsen Benner. Later in the episode, it is revealed that Calvin Fischoeder and his friends all chipped in to pay for a Christmas Day cuddle session with Amity to serve as their prize for the Gingerbread Gentlemen's Annual Gingerbread House Competition. After Bob is declared the winner by Godfrey, he takes the family along with the Fischoeders and the other competitors to the cuddle session.


  • Despite his name being a female name of Latin origin, Amity is male as stated by several characters. It is a virtue name that means "friendship and harmony."[1] This is like Moo-Lissa and Princess Little Piddles being given female names despite anatomically being male.
  • He is born with albinism which heavily implies that the skin under his fur coat is a lighter color than the usual black skin on a polar bear. His nose, paws, and eyes appear to be pink in color.


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