Bob's Burgers character
Mabel "Abby" Haddington
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
First "Slumber Party"
Voiced by Rachel Dratch

Mabel Haddington, better known as Abby is a student who attends Wagstaff School who is obsessed with braiding.

She first appears in Slumber Party where she is 'invited' to Louise's slumber party. She leaves early after Louise refuses her to let her braid her hair. She appears again in The Millie-Churian Candidate where Louise is led to her permanent record by Henry Haber which reveals her real name meaning that under Millie's besties scheme she would become Louise's bestie rather than Millie. Upon finding this out, Millie strangles her with her own braided ponytail and gets disqualified as a result.


Season 4

Season 5

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