Running gags

Store Next Door

Gurt Store

A play on the phrase "Bat sh*t crazy".

Pest Control Truck

Gurt Truck

A play on the E. M. Forster novel "A Room with a View."

Burger of the Day

"It's My Havarti and I'll Rye If I Want To"

  • A play on the Lesley Gore song "It's My Party."

"Fingerling Brothers and Barnum and Bay Leaves" Burger

  • A reference to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

End Credits Sequence

Gurt Credits

Standard credit sequence. Herbie, the food scammer/celebrity impersonator is shown performing as Borat dancing in a line with Teddy, Mort, Mort's mother and her birthday party guests, and Jimmy Pesto. Another line consisting of Judge Conklin and all Wagstaff School faculty involved in the trial appears while the first line dances back into shot in the background.

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